What To Get Your Bestie

To the one who’s with you through your best moments and the one whose shoulder you cry on; they deserve something extra special for the friendship you hold. We founded Bisou based on strong and loving friendships, so we think it’s only right to spoil your bestie with Bisou. Whether it’s to thank your bestie for listening to you cry over your toxic ex, cheering you on for your greatest achievements or celebrating your special moments, we think she deserves something great. 

To highlight the bond with your better half, what’s better than matching rings? Our Love U Bestie ring is available in two colours, brown and white, and is perfect to wear every day as they are anti-tarnish. These chunkier rings are super trendy and are a perfect way to add a funky shape to your usual ring stack.

If you're looking for matching rings that are a little more subtle, what better than to go with the Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz ring. These rings also match perfectly with our sweetheart hoops. We also totally encourage you to get a pair for yourself. These heart-shaped hoops are the cutest addition to your hoop collection and the details in the ring make it as elegant as can be.


If you're looking for something a little more personal, the Heart and Initial necklace are a must-have piece. With the small initial and heart, the necklace is delicate yet super personal and it’s one that will stand out from your usual necklace collection. This necklace also pairs perfectly with our Babe bracelet which is available in a variety of colors, so you can pick the one that matches your bestie’s personality. This bracelet and necklace gift set is the perfect way to show just how well you know them.


We know that picking the perfect gift for someone who means that much can be so hard. As a gift to your boo we’re giving you 20% off when you use the code BESTIE20 at check out. Don’t forget to share your Bisou picks with us @bisou.mtl on Instagram.