International Siblings Day

To all of you, we wish you a Happy International Siblings day. To those who have sisters, then you must know that growing up with them turned you into who you are today. Hiding the TV remote, borrowing their clothes, taking that one lip gloss and never putting it back in her makeup bag. We have to admit that we admire them, and even if we are siblings by blood, we are sisters at heart. Look at Meredith and Lexi Grey, even though they didn’t grow up together, they grew their bond in their adult lives and became the best of friends. Since this day is important we thought it would be just as important to gift something cute to your best friend. Let’s be real at some point your sister is or will be your best friend. 


These rings are the perfect match for you and your sis. With three different colours the gemstone ring adds a little pop of personality to your everyday stack. If you’re three sisters even better! The ring comes in Moonstone, Malachite, and Turquoise. The best part is that they’re adjustable, you can snug the band to your finger as you like and it will fit you perfectly. 



This vintage baseball cap is perfect for this time of year. As temperatures get warmer you’ll find yourself spending a lot more time outside. This vintage baseball cap comes in two colours, Black and Green. What’s cooler than matching caps?  Matching sunnies.

Black or Green Vintage Los Angeles Baseball Cap




The sun is out and so are our Solano sunglasses. Spend a day out with your sister exploring different cafes in the city while rocking our sunglasses. The sunglasses come in black or tortoise so we totally suggest getting both so you and sissy can swap. Bringing back vintage seems to be the hottest trend of 2022 so these sunglasses are the perfect addition to your collection. 



We all know pearls mean elegance and class, but this year we’re helping pearls make their debut in the street wear world. The La Reina bracelet is the perfect combination of a delicate and everyday bracelet. What we can’t get enough of is that it also comes as a necklace. So you can get your sister the matching set or you can get one each. Your sisters are precious in your heart and you can show it by offering this 18k gold-filled bracelet with oval pearls.

Treat your sisters right and show them your love with Bisou. Don’t forget to share their reactions with us on our instagram @bisou.mtl

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