How To Style Our Hair Clips

As we start 2022, one trend that will still bloom is hair clips. Claw clips are part of today’s fashion trends for its utility and cuteness added to your style. It is a perfect way to add a punch of colour or even be part of your monochrome outfit. They can also be styled in different ways.

  • For an everyday look, adding a hair accessory to your half-up can make it stand out of the ordinary. The flower power hair clip is the perfect addition to your hair since its shape gives a colourful and funky look. The butterfly clip is also great if you are looking for a subtle way to add a pattern, like our peach butterfly clip.

    Flower Power Clip
  • Adding a clip to the bottom of a ponytail gives an effortless look and lifts the hair up, making it voluminous. The Groovy Baby in rectangle is the ideal clip for this hairstyle; its pattern gives an extra detail that will compliment you. This hairdo might be the simplest, but it is also a clean way to show off your earrings and look all put together in a short time.

    Groovy Hair Clip
  • The famous French twist is perfect for a chic and sleek look, while spending less than 5 minutes on your hair. It is the perfect hairstyle to cover up a bad hair day and still look amazing before meeting someone. Our large claw clips, offered in 4 matte colours and 3 glossy colours, are perfect for this kind of hairstyle.

    Hair clips are practical and trendy accessories that are easy to slide in our bag. Since they come in multiple shapes and colours, there is one meant for you, your hair, and your style.