Astrology Fridays

TGIF! As we enter Aries season, we can preach to our fire sisters that are among us. Fire signs are known as strong, courageous, and passionate. Here are our picks for each fire sign.


To you Aries babies, we know this is your moment and you show it every day either way. The Double Standard Ring is noticeable by its size and simplicity just like your light. Just like your personality, it looks extra. It’s a good thing even, you love to follow your intuition which makes you do spontaneous things. This ring pairs perfectly with the Opal ring because two chunky rings are better than one, you love making a statement and these rings make the cut.


Ahhh to you my dear Leo's! You are the queen of the jungle and you make sure everyone knows so. You are fun, honest, and fierce. The Onyx Ring is the perfect match for you, made with an 18k gold-filled band and a twisted detail, we know that the darkness from the ring shows how strong you are. You are willing to use all of your traits good and bad to bring your strength to the next level; and this ring says all that.


Sagittarius babies are the highlight of the winter season; you are the main source of warmth during cold winters. Your inner flame makes you passionate, caring, and present for the ones you love the most. You also are delicate, and that’s why the Eclipse Ring is meant for you. An oval pearl ring, that is simple, calm, and charming; it’s the perfect jewelry piece to show how precious you are.


Wishing you a very happy Aries season to all our Aries babies out there. Here’s 17% off all of our ring collection as a token of our appreciation. Make sure to use discount code ARIESSZN at checkout to save while building your ring collection.

We’ll be back next season with another astrology Friday.

Until then,